Bee Line

What are my bees doing? I came out Monday morning to find this:

Could this be the remnants of an overnight bee beard? It was super-duper hot the previous day (90F), still 82F when the bees retired, so maybe they had bearded? But it got down to 63F by madrugada – do bees un-beard in the dark?

Or were they doing something entirely novel to me? I looked closely at this line (it was a bigger pendulum when I first saw it), and it did not appear to contain anything but worker bees, so they weren’t kicking out drones, saving their queen, or removing an intruder (all hypothesis I considered).


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  1. Nancy says:

    Hi Jen — I have noticed that my bees will do the same thing when its really hot. Many appear to not want to go into the hive at the end of the say and form a pretty good sized beard as big as your hand hanging off the entrance. I suspect that beard partial breaks up when it gets cooler at night (early morning) as most of the beard is gone by 8 am — but literally with a bunch of hangers on, much like yours. Was it just the one hive doing this or did both of your hives show a similar profile.
    oxox Dad

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