Dreaming the Garden

Winter proper can be very dreary in the Pacific Northwest – which is why I’ve not written much since the end of fall. Winter is pruning, house projects, lots of cooking and nesting, and dreaming the garden by the fire. We’ve used all our garlic and our basil cubes, and are running out of raspberries and roasted peppers. We are digging into our canned tomatoes, peaches, and jams, are working through the squashes in the bedroom closet, and have decided we don’t like parsnips. We’re still eating some potatoes, and I hope to save some to plant in late March.

But now it’s February. And it’s spring in Seattle. And it’s all happening much too quickly. In fact, the next few weeks I will miss much. The witch hazel has bloomed, daffodils are ready to open, fruit tree buds are swelling, and asparagus are poking from the ground. The seeds are ordered. I’m drawing up garden plans and where I want to break new ground.

The garden is still producing kale, the new crop of garlic waves now in the wind, a biweekly crop of greens grows under my mini-greenhouse, and the chickens are back to 3 eggs/day.

But before I dig back into the earth, I am going to Ontario to help my sister have a baby. I am very excited to be there for her and to experience such a wonderous life change. Hopefully the baby boy will grant us a few days after I arrive to cook and to visit before making his way into the world and changing our lives forever. It is still winter in Ontario; my nieces skate on my parents’ pond and I look forward to cross-country skiing through the Marlborough Forest.

But I will bring my garden plans and continue to dream…

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1 Response to Dreaming the Garden

  1. E-MC says:

    you're inspiring me to build a planter box and get some greens going 🙂

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