Newspaper Pots

The tomato seedlings needed transplanting. Their wee roots were poking out the bottom of the egg carton and the true leaves were having trouble growing. Books recommended transplanting to 4″ pots around this time. But I didn’t have any and didn’t want to buy any. So I looked around for a solution that would be free and for which I had the materials. Newspaper pots! There are tons of videos online. Here’s one.

It took me about 3 minutes to make each pot and my fingers got coated in nasty-feeling ink, but I made enough pots to transplant all my seedlings and to start some new ones. Best is, the pots can be planted right in the ground when it’s time to plant them out. Yay!

Tip 1: Place seedling pots on a tray and water the tray, not each pot.
Tip 2: When planting newspaper pots, be sure top edge of paper is buried so soil moisture is not wicked into the air.

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2 Responses to Newspaper Pots

  1. Thank you of posting this! I need to transplant my seedling too, and all I could think of was putting them in a four inch deep cardboard box.

  2. Oh, by the way, the link isn’t working. I found another video for making them, and I am assuming it is the same method, as my boxes look like yours!, if you get the PCC Sound Consumer, it is a great size, no paperclips required.

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