Winter life at our small urban homestead

Our first eggs!

Well, our first ceramic eggs (psych!), newly minted from my studio. They go in the nest boxes cause chickens are very vulnerable to peer pressure.

Other ceramics projects this winter: Rattling Egg Men. They’re eggs! They’ve faces! They shake, rattle, AND roll!

Latest plates

The witch-hazel in bloom at last

Garlic coming up!

Heather in bloom

Goat cheese curds

And hanging to drain

La Gata Loca

Baracka at the window

Yeah, we think this is a bad idea too

Chickens sunbathing

And in the newly pruned Chicken Tree

Thanks for visiting!

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3 Responses to Winter life at our small urban homestead

  1. Teresa says:

    Nice plates!! I love the leaves. But poor chickens… it somehow seems sad that they are subject to peer pressure to produce 😀 They should be happy chickens!

  2. google says:

    Here’s a question Pete and I had last while watching “A Far Off Place” – how many chicken eggs do you think equal an ostrich egg?

  3. FishGirl says:

    One account I read said 8 chicken eggs for 1 ostrich. But then you gotta deal with ostriches! Chickens can be sweet, and if not they’re small enough it’s easy to put them in their place. Not so the ostrich.

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