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The Bees are Alive!

We haven’t seen much of the bees since we turned the corner into winter.  Last week Scott said, “I think the bees are dead”.  But Saturday was 46 degF and sunny.  For the few hours that the hives were in … Continue reading

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Buzz-Kill at the Bee Hive: The importance of hive inspection

After inspecting our hives weekly during May and then monthly into mid-summer, we left the bees to their own bees-ness during the remainder of summer and fall. This was in part because they appeared to be doing well, in part … Continue reading

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Watching Chicken TV in Winter

We don’t see the chickens as much in winter. It’s just too cold and rainy (duh – Seattle!) to spend much time outside with them. But since I built the chicken food fence, there is the added benefit of watching … Continue reading

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Urban Birds – 6 species in 6 minutes!

It is a cold rainy January morning here in Seattle. I realize that several of those words are redundant. ‘It is January in Seattle’ would have sufficed.  There is nothing special about today; a hard rain all night, and a … Continue reading

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