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Insisting on Tomatoes

My own tomatoes, that is. Not only do I like to grow my own tomatoes for their fresh deliciousness, I like to start heirloom varieties of my choosing from seed to increase the tastiness. I am very fond of Stupice, for its early production and fantastic flavor, Brandywine for its beauty and reliability, and Orange Queen for its impressive colour and large fruits. I also grow a red cherry and yellow teardrop tomato that are reliable producers.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="461" caption="Orange Queen"][/caption]

Last year was a terrible summer for tomatoes in Seattle…. Continue reading

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Harvests Bygone

My favourite tomato – the ‘Orange Queen’. Late-harvest and prone to end-rot, but soooo tasty. Close runner up is the prolific, early-season ‘Stupice’.

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Spring in Seattle!

It no longer freezes at night, buds are swelling on our trees, and our chicken Baracka wants to mate. Spring has arrived. For my part, I frantically plant seeds that my books tell me I could have planted last month, some outdoors, some in. Two weeks ago I planted tomato seeds from 2008 in egg cartons in the kitchen windows. I also started other longer season crops like onions, peppers, and eggplant (yes, I may be dreaming). Continue reading

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It’s Tomato-o’clock

It’s been a long time – I KNOW. I moved back to Seattle, summer came and went in a flash, then Scott and I bought a house and we moved. It’s been crazy. And all this and harvest season arrived!! … Continue reading

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