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Asparagus = Spring

[caption id="attachment_1514" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="1-yr old asparagus shoots"][/caption]
Seriously excited that spring has finally arrived in Seattle. Some crops have overwintered in the garden; kale, spinach, lettuce, carrots. That’s great and all, but it is asparagus that tells me it is Spring – at last. Continue reading

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Installing Cisterns

Acquiring Cisterns I did a lot of calculations before deciding on the what and how-many of our cisterns.  I also sought expert advice.  I met Nikola Davidson, the one-woman show that is Earth Systems Northwest, through a mutual friend.  In … Continue reading

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Starting with Cisterns

I have been dreaming of a sustainable water collection system since long before we moved onto our little urban farmlet.  I dreamed and schemed, but could not get far – the project was too big for my brain.  An all-or-nothing … Continue reading

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Insisting on Tomatoes

My own tomatoes, that is. Not only do I like to grow my own tomatoes for their fresh deliciousness, I like to start heirloom varieties of my choosing from seed to increase the tastiness. I am very fond of Stupice, for its early production and fantastic flavor, Brandywine for its beauty and reliability, and Orange Queen for its impressive colour and large fruits. I also grow a red cherry and yellow teardrop tomato that are reliable producers.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="461" caption="Orange Queen"][/caption]

Last year was a terrible summer for tomatoes in Seattle…. Continue reading

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