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Best Fruit Fly Remedy

Fruit flies can be a bother at other times of the year, but rarely are they as bad as during harvest season when fresh fruits wait for processing on counters and in boxes around the kitchen. For a week now, … Continue reading

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The many signs of rooster

Just like humans, chickens are all the same when they are babies. Boy or girl, they squeak and chirp, and cling to their mom. But chickens grow up quickly. The definitive sign of a rooster is its ‘co-co-co-rico!’ when it … Continue reading

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The Broken Chicken

We raised six baby chicks this year (April & May). It’s looking like 5 of them are roos. When the chicks are a few weeks old, they are small and independent enough to fit through the gate of the chicken … Continue reading

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Chicken Hunter

I have heard that chickens will attack and eat smaller vertebrates. Snakes most impressively, mice most commonly. We finally get to see how our chickens take care of their own vermin problems!

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