Hatch Rate = 43%

Perfect egg shape of the baby copper black marans that pipped but did not hatch

So, three chicks is it. The Rockin’ Egg (Copper Black Marans) didn’t make it.  The following morning (Day 22) it sat alone outside the nest, fuzz sticking out one side, but cold and quiet. I peeled the chick out of the egg to see if I could tell what went wrong, but she looked perfect; her wee beak tucked under her right wing. But perfect she wasn’t; her hatch was delayed and she probably ran out of energy. C’arrive.

The remaining whole egg (Delaware) was sitting outside the nest on Day 23; clearly rejected. I won’t open that one, but a plausible problem was its shape. Nearly spherical, the chick would have had trouble developing properly without a strong polarity to the egg.

Sad, but 43% will do just fine. Momma should be able to give each chick more attention and I have two new varieties to watch develop.  Don’t let it depress you: The adventure continues!

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